Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a tutor center and a school?
Astro-Excel’s Tutor Center is not a school. Schools must be registered with the Department of Education to operate in South Africa in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution of South Africa and the South African Schools Act, No 84 of 1996. Furthermore, the school is responsible for registering the learner with Department of Education.
At a tutor center the aim is to assist parents and students with their home school curriculum. Thus, the legal onus is on the parent to register the child with the Department of Education.
Who do we pay? Astro-Excel or Impaq?
Learners register with both Impaq and Astro-Excel Homework Center. Therefore, there are two sets of fees that needs to be paid: Astro-Excel fees and Impaq fees.
What are my responsibilities as the parent?
You, as the parent have the following responsibilities:

  • • Enroll the learner with Impaq

• Register the student with Department of Education
• Enroll the learner with Astro-Excel
Together, we work through the CAPS-aligned syllabus. The ultimate responsibility for ensuring that a learner receives an education is lies with the parent. Astro-Excel assists along the way.
How do I find out more about impaq?