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Our Story

The business started as a dedication to Miss Kearns' mother who lost her life to cancer in April 2021. Mrs. Kearns was an aspiring teacher and aftercare owner. After moving to the Netherlands, she decided to close her business and spend some quality time with her husband.
"I spent years helping my mother in her aftercare. It was here that I observed the impact of a well structured and loving teacher. She provided learners with love, warmth and dedication. My love and passion for kids was born here. After losing her, I decided to re-open the aftercare so that my mother's legacy could live on. My aim is to bring happiness, kindness and peace into a world where that is sometimes hard to find." Miss I. Kearns

Our Education Philosophy

Quality, Love, Care & Excellence
Our learners deserve the absolute best from us; thus, it is our obligation to provide them with structure, diligence, preparedness, consistency, love and warmth..
Every Child, By Name, By Need
All children are unique, each learner presents their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. It is thus our responsibility to ensure that all learners receive an educationally stimulating environment in which they can learn as well as grow mentally, emotionally, and socially.
Mathematics & Science Focus
Mathematics and Science education in South Africa are notorious for being subjects that learners struggle with. Each learner will receive an opportunity to reach their full potential in mathematics and science.


Operating hours

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